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How to a New Language as an Adult

For the past few weeks I’ve been learning how to speak German. It’s something that I’ve wanted to do for a very long time — having previously lived and worked in Germany, I have always felt a strong connection to the country and its people. Now that I have moved to one of Germany’s neighboring countries and work on projects involving the DLR German Aerospace Centre — it feels like a natural next step for me to speak the language too 🙂

I’m enrolled at the Goethe Institute, an international language school with centres located across the globe. The course that I’m taking is the A1.1 class – the very beginning of the beginners course! Having studied German in school, I have some background in the language, however I think that starting with the basics (der, die und das anyone?) is the best way for me to really understand my new language.

I already speak English, Hindi and Punjabi, and have been noticing some interesting correlations between the four languages as I learn. With A1.1 set to be completed by the end of this April, I aim to get started with A1.2 soon and eventually, I’ll be making my way into the realm of level B German!

However, learning a new language in your 20s is not the easiest of hobbies to have. So here are some tips that I feel have helped me and will hopefully help some of you along the way:

5 Tips for Learning a New Language

1) Patience – be patient with yourself. Give yourself time to first passively learn the language and then actively. This first stage will mean that you understand more than you can speak. And that is perfectly okay.

2) Keep an open-mind – Yes, this language is different to yours. And no, you cannot make up verb endings (I wish). Getting frustrated is not the best way to learn, so keep an open-mind and embrace the change. You might find you prefer your new language in the end!

3) Have snacks – this is in my opinion, one of the most important. I learn German after work once a week, for 3 hours. If you’re doing the same, then going straight from your full-time day job to learning verb conjugations at night will mean that you may have less concentration. Staying mentally connected is vital in order to get your head around your new language so bring a snack and stay hydrated throughout your lessons.

4) Do Your Homework – Remember that just attending class is not all it takes to learn another language. Whatever you learnt needs to be reinforced. The homework (oder Hausaufgaben auf Deutsch) you are set is there to take what you were previously taught, and to apply it by yourself. This way, things will start to stick and you will remember more and more, until you are fluent.

5) Speak more – it’s great to learn how to write and read a new language, but outside of class try to speak it as much as you can. Whether it’s with a friend, relative, or even using YouTube – speaking your new language out loud and making those mistakes now, will help you to correct yourself and practice speaking. Soon, I’ll be taking a few trips to Deutschland, which is another great way to practice a new language, by speaking it with native speakers.

When it comes to “How to learn a new language by yourself at home?”, I have found the solution. It is something that makes logical sense, but also something that is enjoyable all at the same time. We learned our primary language in a way that is now duplicatable for the 2nd, 3rd, 4th and more languages we wish to learn. And what is even more incredible about this, is that you can also do it all from the comforts of home.

How to learn a new language by yourself at home

Discover a brand new way to get to
language fluency with utilization of your TV.
This is about learning with your TV. Which means you are going to be learning from context rather than just going over words again and again. There is no other learning system that works as quickly as what we are showing you here. See it here!

This works within 3-4 episodes. From there you will notice serious improvement in your listening comprehension and vocabulary. It is suggested that you pick an enjoyable series with in the 1000 or more titles to choose from. These allow you to really grow, and for your brain to kick in.

how to learn a new language by yourself at home
After a full season of at least 8 episodes your confidence and comprehension will be vastly improving. Get ready to be astonished by your brain as your brain become rewired to quickly acquire new words, phrases, slang and grammar. All coming from the natural context of the TV shows and movies that you will have access to see. The more you watch, the more you will be able to learn.

Get started here already! Be able to learn Spanish, French, and Russian. Note: German, Italian and Portuguese are coming soon.

How to learn a new language by yourself at home is not scary, its said to be easy actually:
See you will be one of over 100,000 (and growing) students immersed in this effective and proven method for learning a new language. Get a 7 day free trial, and get started here today! Learning a new language is something we all want to do. Some of us want to learn 2, 3, 4 or even more new languages. And if we could, we all would want to be able to speak them all.

I hope that I can inspire anyone who has been thinking about learning a new language to take the first step towards doing it. It really is worth it. With every new German word, grammar rule or sentence that I learn, a previously-foreign world is opening up to me and becoming familiar. I am learning faster than I expected and even find myself even sprinkling the occasional Deutsch words into English sentences — sort of inventing my own version of Denglish 🙂

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