New York, New York – Photo Diary

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Earlier this month, I visited the Big Apple. The last time I was in New York was back when I was 10 years old – a time when I was far too young to really enjoy what the city had to offer. I loved returning with some close friends and spent the week exploring cute eateries and bars, rowing through Central Park and wandering amongst the towering skyscrapers downtown.



New York is a city I’ve dreamt of moving to since a young age. This trip definitely reaffirmed that! Hopefully it won’t be long until I’m back in Manhattan. I’ve heard Christmas in New York is magical..



4 thoughts on “New York, New York – Photo Diary

  1. Christmas in New York IS magical! The crowds can be maddening, though. 🙂 Lovely pictures, it looks like you covered a lot of ground. We blog about things to do and eat in the city so it’s always fun for us to see how visitors spend their time here. Come back soon, we recommend spending more time in the neighborhoods next time!

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    1. That sounds lovely! I can’t wait to return for Christmas in NYC 😀 Thanks for the recommendation, I would love to spend more time in the neighbourhoods next time, pretending to be a local is such a cool way to explore a city and really get to know it 🙂 Come to London soon!

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