Kraków Photo Diary

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I love visiting new places, and Poland is one country that I have wanted to visit for a while. I spent the week in Kraków but also visited Auschwitz-Birkenau concentration camp, which was deeply moving.

IMG_20150917_081514 IMG_20150917_081816 IMG_20150917_081827 IMG_20150917_082332 IMG_20150917_083351 IMG_20150917_083359~2 IMG_20150917_111923~2 IMG_20150917_134227 IMG_20150917_140132 IMG_20150917_170157~2 IMG_20150917_170239~2 IMG_20150918_143013IMG_20150918_152440 IMG_20150918_155555IMG_20150918_161713~2IMG_20150918_163950 IMG_20150918_165838 IMG_20150918_173629 IMG_20150918_174141IMG_20150918_174749

Kraków itself is a beautiful blend of old, traditional buildings and more modern architecture. I like that there’s more old than new, the city is incredibly well-preserved and there’s a story behind every street corner. Hopefully I’ll visit Poland again sometime soon!

– Nikita



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