Saturday in the City

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DSCF5765 (2)

Last weekend, my fellow Leiden-er Molly and I went for our usual brunch in the city at our favourite spot – Better Bagels. Renowned for its selection of bagels, baked goods and coffee, Better Bagels is a small hole-in-the-wall place that has a homely feel and lots of charm. I could stay there for hours (and have)!
DSCF5769 (2)

DSCF5775 (2)

We both got our usual orders. Which funniliy are the same as each other! Honey, walnut, goats cheese and bacon sandwiched between a sesame bagel. Drool much? Ja. We did. DSCF5782 (3)DSCF5783 (2)

Topped off with their aptly named ‘Grandma’s Coco’ which comes with a side order of marshmallows and we were feeling right at home 🙂

DSCF5788 (3)DSCF5790 (2)DSCF5792 (2)DSCF5793 (2)DSCF5796 (2)DSCF5797 (2)

DSCF5798 (2)

The owner is the friendly guy that’s waving called Frank, who makes the bagels right then and there for customers to see. Better Bagels definitely is one of Leiden’s best brunch spots. I’ve already got a ‘usual’ order and I’ve only been here a month! DSCF5814 (2) DSCF5819 (2) DSCF5820 (2)

This cute Valentines-themed window display caught our eye as we walked down towards the Saturday market. With Valentine’s day and spring just around the corner, the city seemed to be in full bloom (as you will see from the flower-heavy next few photos)!
DSCF5837 (2) DSCF5839 (2) DSCF5841 (3)

The Saturday market is one of my favourite things in this city. You can never have too many flowers I say and tulips are one of the most understatedly beautiful in my opinion. Holland definitely is the place to be if you’re a tulip-fan as their rich colours decorate the city all-year round! DSCF5862 (2) DSCF5869 (2) DSCF5876 (2)

Molly has her own blog called Molly Maison which you should definitely check out to see more insights into life in Leiden, working in space and science communication and travelling in Europe.DSCF5878 (2)

To end our day, we tried out a restaurant that I am ashamed to admit I’ve been to over 6 times already. So when I say we tried, I really mean I finally convinced Molly to go 😛 DSCF5897 (2)Very Italian Pizza has recently opened in Leiden. I first tried it out back in November when I visited for 1 night and loved it so much that I decided if I ever moved here I would be back. And I have kept that promise for sure! 🙂

I hope you enjoyed our Saturday in the beautiful city of Leiden! I’ve got a few exciting travel plans in the works over the next few months and am looking forward to sharing them with you on my blog soon 🙂



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