Weekend Inspiration

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Weekend Inspiration

I think these words apply to any field of work, dream or ambition and any person who knows that they want their life to have had some sort of impact on the world, regardless how small. Believing that you, a single human being can make a difference in your short lifetime on  Earth is a magnificent one. Whenever I’m feeling uninspired I try to watch a TED talk or speak to someone else on a similar wavelength to me. In my case it’s wanting to make more people excited about space and science. Whatever your dream is, whether you’re an up-and-coming entrepreneur, promising writer, future doctor, aspiring actor or in any other budding career, the point is that you’re rising towards something. You’re wanting more and when you want something, working hard for it is worthwhile and eventually you will make it.


p.s: I’m going to be doing ‘Weekend Inspiration’ as a regular bit from now on. I’m quite the optimist so I hope that by reflecting this in my blog it will inspire others to think positively about themselves too.


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