Fairytale in Vienna

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 A week or so ago I travelled to Vienna for the weekend with some friends. A 4 or 5 hour train journey away  I’d heard a lot of about the city and couldn’t wait to see the capital of Austria for myself. 

Schloss Schönbrunn, a beautiful former imperial palace is a famous cultural attraction in Vienna. As Empress Elisabeth of Austria’s former summer residence, it’s also referred to as ‘Sisi’s Palace’. The mixture of palaces and whimsical architecture in Vienna gave the city a fairytale feeling.

My sweet tooth couldn’t say no to the famous Sachertorte. Traditionally made in Hotel Sacher, it is one of the most famous Viennese culinary delights. So I had to try some, just for the cultural experience, obviously 🙂


Vienna was in full bloom, with bustling Easter markets and cherry blossom falling from the trees. As a previously self-proclaimed Autumn person, I think Spring might be my new favourite time of the year. The pastel shades of the season perfectly decorated the city’s blend of old and modern architecture.

The street art beside the Danube River was amazing. I found this painting of a female astronaut and had to get a photo with it 🙂 

Vienna is a beautiful city and I could definitely see myself living there one day. Although, the great thing about living in Munich is that I’m relatively close to quite a few cool European cities.


 Next, I’ve got my eye on Italy! 



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