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It’s been a month and a half since I moved from London to Munich on New Years Day. Time has flown past and I’m already finding myself giving people (wrong) directions around town!
Occasionally, I look back to my first few days at work when everything that seems so clear to me now was all new information and realise how much I’ve already learnt in this short time. The European Southern Observatory (ESO) is a wonderful place to grow professionally and I can only imagine the perspective I’ll have on my last day — leaving as a better writer than before.
Sitting at the forefront of cutting-edge astronomical research of the Southern skies incredible new discoveries, exciting projects and magical images of the Universe are ESO’s forté. One such project that I’m working on is the ESO Ultra HD Expedition, which is the journey of four world renowned astrophotographers to Chile in order to capture the magnificent ESO sites in all their grandeur . A week or so ago, Christoph Malin, one of the talented ESO Photo Ambassadors embarking upon the trip paid a visit to the office where he took some photos of us hard at work 🙂
Living in a sleepy village outside Munich city centre means that I am always a tourist whenever I visit town. The weather has been unusually warm, but I’m not complaining!
I thought I’d share these snippets of my daily life as a short glimpse into working and living in Munich 🙂

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